How r u recently C?

Don't steal photos from ME and HIDE MY NAME.
Don't steal my heart.
I'm Not a pro photographer. I juz like takin photos. But, n I take it with my heart.
Btw, thanks for ur appreciation. juz plz stop this bad behavior. Many thanks.


How r u guys? ;)

Whatever the weather is good or not. It's always good in my mine. Everyday is a sunny day and everyday is a brand new day. We should choose our way.

It's hard for me to go outside recently..coz It's too hot! but I can't resist the temptation of Delifrance afternoon tea and I really enjoy wht I do in these days.. such as eating, reading, learning, casting, photo shooting blah blah blah...makes my life complete. Furthermore, I've started concerning french study and works. I do care abt the quality and the types of jobs.
I really do.
thanks for support.

I do wht I do and I love wht I love. Love to be myself.


last week. clubbing.
All I wanna say is: Get drunk and One night stand r NOT my purpose of clubbing.

i should say...many changes hv taken place in central since 1-2 years. Many savages..many rude gals..they'r juz like monkeys dance in the zoo!
Full of sluts n wolves there...n I saw an idiot ytd nite..who had taken drugs ridiculously! how's really bad, n getting worse.
plz....cherish yourself and dun let ur parents worried abt u... girls.


Why so serious?


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