If I'm not ...

When I said: I decide to look for a new job..evidently they had similar views.

r u frightened when u know that I want to find a job? umm..that means u can't figure me out my fd :P
Look what else I can do n what kind of jobs I can develop besides modeling is what I want. I'm not hothouse flowers n I dun wanna be. Even though I'm a 'lil flower', I wanna be the most gorgeous one.....haha
It's not juz that simple. I want my life become more colourful n I kinda hoped I can hv more exp. . Though it'll be so hard for me..but I juz wanna try it. I should try it.

To know what others feel. To know what others want. To know what others cherish.

To realize the logic of 'hard-won'.


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